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Bob Marley: The Legend

October 11, 2011

Spawned in the steaming ghetto
called Trench Town, the Wailers

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are the masters of reggae; the
acknowledged voice of Rastafari is
Bob Marley. Brother Bob Marley
and the Wailers touch the very
core of our psyches and as the
musical branches of a growing
Caribbean roots consciousness,
these brethrens made
understandable the foundations of
our being. We see ourselves
reflected in their music.

Robert Nester Marley,
internationally famous superstar
was born in 1945, the son of an
English army Captain and a
Jamaican woman. Bob started
singing professionally at the age of

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fifteen (15), “But why?” “That is a
hard question he says, “I couldn’t
see myself doing anything else, I
just like music.” In 1963, himself
along with Peter McIntosh (later
Peter Tosh) and Bunny Livingston
(later Bunny Wailer) formed the
Wailing Wailers. Two of their
earliest hits were “Simmer Down”
and “Rude Boy”.

In 1967 he did some work with
Johnny Nash. Nash came to record
in Kingston and later had a series
of Reggae singles on the British
charts culminating four years later
with “Stir It Up” which was
written by Bob Marley.

1969 emerged as one of their classic

Is This Love (Bob Marley song)Image via Wikipedia


periods. Recorded by the most
famous Reggae producer of them
all, Lee

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