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Did You Know That

June 4, 2015

Did You Know That......

(1) Rita Marley O.D., Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers, The I-Threes and The Wailers Band made history when they became the first Jamaican Reggae acts ever to entertain the Grammy audience at the 39th renewal of the distinguished Grammy Awards held at Madison Square Gardens in New York in 1997. They performed alongside The Fugees.


(2) In Jamaica persons found guilty of violating the peace under the anti-noise act will be charged a fine of up to J$15,000 or up to three months in prison for a first offence; a maximum of J$30,000 or six months in prison for a second offence; or up to J$50,000 or twelve months imprisonment for any subsequent offences. The owner of any premises on which the offence is committed could also be fined if he or she does not make an effort to prevent the noise offence from being committed.

The law also proposes that any person singing, playing a musical instrument or operating a device for the amplification of sound in a manner that the sound is audible 100 metres away, and the sound is reasonably capable of causing annoyance to persons in the vicinity, shall be guilty of an offence. All Jamaicans and visitors to the island you have been warned.





(3) Your name does add some magic to your prominence in the music business and we often marvel when we discover some entertainers’ real names. Brigadier Jerry’s real name is Robert Russell and he was born on the 28th Sept. 1957. Lady Saw’s is actually Marion Hall, born 12th July 1969. Buju Banton’s real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, born 15th July 1973. General B is Dave Parks, born 16th October 1971. Red Rat is really Wallace Wilson Jnr., born 17th January 1977. Bounty Killer was born on the 12th June 1972, Rodney Pryce. Beenie Man is actually Moses Davis, born 22nd August 1971.










(4) The Negro was the first artist? The Negro peoples executed the oldest drawings and carvings yet discovered, over 15,000 years ago in Southern France, Northern Spain, Palestine, South Africa and India. The drawings are on rocks, the carvings on bone, basalt and ivory.
(5) Beethoven, the world’s greatest musician, was a dark colored mulatto. He was called “The Black Spaniard”. His teacher the immortal Joseph Hayden was colored also.
(6) The blacks, like the whites have been struggling for thousand of years to change their hair with hot irons in Egypt more than 5,000 years ago.
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